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The Bridge (2011)<
Genres : Drama Crime
Country : United States
Language : English
Year : 2011
Episode Runtime : 60 m.

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A body is found on the bridge from Malmö to Copenhagen causing a jurisdiction issue. Forced to work together, a Swedish and a Danish police detective are on the hunt for a killer.
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The Bridge (2011) Episodes

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Air Date
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Well made crime series worth watching until the end.
8 /10
It was a great pleasure to watch this series. I actually missed the first episode unfortunately, but watched from episode 2 to the last one. One of t ...
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Main story is OK, but I love the details
8 /10
First of all, everybody should no that am usually very critic of Swedish movie and series production (I generally thought like danish more) so it's a ...
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Im a Bridgeaholic
1 /10
Its Saturday 6:00 pm and the last 2 episodes are on tonight! Its a long time since I've been this hooked on a TV series. Acting, story, setting, film ...
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Good script, good performances,
9 /10
@ Robert-Temple "To say that it is impossible to feel even the slightest twinge of sympathy for Helin's character," As some one with Aspergers myself ...
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Well acted, brilliant story.
1 /10
I haven't seen the Killing yet, but I will. I certainly will if it is as good as this Scandinavian crime drama. The story is very compelling, grippin ...
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Great series
8 /10
I guess reviewer Smockan didn't notice that Sofia Helins odd character had Aspergers Disorder which results in a very asocial behaviour. She don't kn ...
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Exciting "new touch" on the often typical genre
9 /10
So far (episode 3) "Bron" provides all the classic criminal genre elements with a modern and smart touch. The characters and actors fit their roles w ...
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A well-made series
This series is about the co-operation between a danish and a Swedish cop in solving a string of murders in the Copenhagen/Malmo area. I would advice ...
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Hollywood can bite the dust
9 /10
No special effects. No 'nice weather' filter/overlay. Not a new case every episode. Instead, a well written, well balanced story. Realistic, suspendi ...
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Excellent series with portrait of a female police-officer with Asperger
9 /10
First of all. It's sad to say, but "Smockan" and "seattle_kid" seems to have COMPLETELY missed the fact that the female police-officer Saga Norén in ...
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